Your Daily Workout

I personally do not have time to keep my home as clean as my grandmother did – if she were still alive today, she would probably have a fit. At the same time, things have changed a lot since her day – I work a full day job and come home to feed a hungry family. I know that exercise is good for me and so I used to try to fit in a gym session whenever I could. It is simply a different world and I don’t have enough time.

What I finally decided, after reading in some magazine that vacuuming was a great workout, was to do things the clever way. Women are great multi-taskers after all. I have now got a home gran would love and I have no need of a fancy gym membership – it has done my self-esteem wonders, I don’t have to feel like a failure because of my untidy house and I don’t have to be worried about anyone seeing my dimpled thighs – bye bye Lycra tights!

It was such a simple solution – I wish I had thought of it years ago. My vacuum cleaner is my new workout buddy – we go all over the house together. She, I called her Daisy, is tireless – she never lets me down, she never judges me and she lets me workout every muscle in my body. She’s the best personal trainer that I have ever had. There is no yelling at me to push harder, no sniggering at me when I go red in the face. Daisy is great for my ego and great for my body. Believe me, she has helped me find muscles I did not know where there.

Looking at housework from this perspective has really changed my life – and my family loves it. I no longer try to rope in unwilling volunteers to do the dishes – I just make it part of my super-circuit – sprint to the kitchen, load the dishwasher and back to daisy again to finish up with the main bedroom. All in all, it has turned household chores into a lot more fun – I now look for ways to get the best possible exercise boost when cleaning. I have even hoisted Daisy above my head a time or two – but I don’t think that she liked that. All in all, I have more time for my family and more energy as well.

The only downside is that I do get paranoid about keeping Daisy safe – I have seen my husband eyeing her from time to time. Too bad for him, he will have to find his own workout partner – Daisy and I get on like a house on fire and I have never felt better. Want to wow your friends and family? Create your own houseworkout today.